Start doing more with LeadMerge

We provide a faster path from the prospects to profitable connections by leveraging the analytics


Automated sales procedure

  • Our CRM helps to reduce the manual work process that includes data entry by bringing in automated workflows which in turn acts as a powerful fuel that increases the overall process.
  • Redundancy will be reduced and eliminated which helps in capturing the leads, identifying the leads, automating the lead cycle and getting in touch with the leads with complete information.
  • Start closing more deals in lesser time and track what stage your deals are currently in, and seize every opportunity at the optimal moment.
  • The follow-ups with the leads increases at a faster rate. Each time as soon as the lead team gets in touch with the new lead complete data about the lead will be stored.
  • Binding of the leads and closing deals is now easy. Our tracker helps with all the info related to deal and their stages.
  • Build a family bonding with all the customers, get tracks about their active channels and drive-in the info related to their real-time insights.

Sales process made easier

  • Our CRM delivers clean data with accurate info that hold all the information related to the clients and their sales cycle.
  • Will guide you through your next moves and deliver all the information for the sales team about processing at each stage.
  • Get discounts and evaluate the sales data by allowing leads to the right sales report.
  • The information related to data will be approved or rejected with the appropriate comments, depending on the quality of the data.
  • Receive sales procedure to your CRM even during the offline and will help your sales reps to follow the process every time and on each turn.

Real time conversations

  • Assign calls, receive timely reminders, and start saving calls from each interaction.
  • Send mails and receive mail insights with associating emails to CRM records.
  • Helps in capturing the new lead automatically that are not present in your CRM.
  • Whenever someone gets in touch with your brand, our CRM delivers the notifications on the same.
  • Prospects can view your products, with portals that are aligned with self-service and can plan on purchasing.

Business analytics

  • We help with data-backed decisions in guidance with our CRM analytics which in turn helps your business grow.
  • Our regular reports, analytics and forecasts will help in calculating your sales activity.
  • We help in creating the dashboards and trend analysis that hold an important role in how to reach the targets.
  • Metrics and insights related to sales trends will be received through our real-time analytics reports.
  • Start receiving reports related to the marketing campaigns and stay ahead and top of all the competitors.


  • Start filtering the only information that you want to see inside our CRM with feature-rich modules.
  • Start closing more sales with filtering the info related to the lead in lesser time.
  • Get your hands on only information that's been needed and filter the rest.
  • Features that you need can be moulded into your business by gathering the data and pouring them into your CRM.
  • Get to know about the data entering your CRM, control them, and our filter option will make the job easier.

Lead Generation

  • Our product help in finding and qualifying potential customers.
  • Capture high quality leads, build a campaign flow and target the audience.
  • Gain new customers by reaching potential customers and personalize their buying experience.
  • We deliver high-quality leads, drive more sales and our B2B marketing delivers data for the growth of your business.
  • Get connected with prospects across all the channels using the relevant communication media.

Our CRM's Performance

  • Categorise the customers, assign the right sales reps so that it will reach out to them on time.
  • Accelerate the productivity of your sales team and generate potential revenue.
  • Predict the sales and measure them with current sales by making accurate forecasts.
  • Receive all the data that's internally connected to any of the organizations.
  • Prioritise the leads, categorise the customers, and track website visitors to convert more prospects.